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Bosch e-Bike service

E-bike Zadar is a fully certified Bosch eBike service center and Bosch Premium Partner. This means we can support you with all your Bosch eBike needs for any make or model of bike, whether you're looking for a software update, diagnostic report, spare parts, warranty or simply service.

Requirements for Bosch service and software:

  • key
  • battery charged at least 10%

As a Bosch service center we have software that updates all Bosch eBike systems from 2011 onwards. A great feature of Bosch systems is that they can be updated and give you access to the latest features, upgrades and major repairs.

If your Bosch eBike has developed an error, or is producing error codes, we can access the firmware and find out exactly where the error is, saving valuable time to get you back on the road quickly. This can also be handy for anyone buying or selling their Bosch powered eBike. With this service, we can use the diagnostic report and print the history of the eBike. This includes several different parameters such as usage, service history, date of manufacture, frame and electrical serial numbers, battery charge cycles, current capacity, maximum battery temperature, previous failures etc... This is a really useful tool for sellers to actually prove the history of the electric bike for potential buyers, the increase in interest and maybe even the price of their eBike.

Note: This service is for fault diagnosis only, and the fault can be rectified at your request for an additional fee.​

  • Standard Tune-Up
  • Diagnostic check
  • Software update
  • Drive unit housing removed, cleaned and checked
  • Checking the battery (connections cleaned and lubricated)
  • Checking the locking mechanism (cleaned and lubricated)
  • Completed report printout.
  • Assembling a new bike and adjusting a bike bought online
  • Replacing the battery
  • Software updates
  • Service and repairs
  • guarantee
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Parts and accessories
  • Tips and upgrades
  • Key replacement
  • Full diagnostic printout (including usage and service history)

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