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Our offer

E-BIKE Zadar offers rental, service and transportation for all types of bicycles or electric scooters.

We offer a large selection of classic and electric bicycles, city or mountain and electric scooters.

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Bicycle and scooter rental

Check out the full range of electric vehicles and bicycles in our offer.

We have prepared top-quality bicycles for you, with or without an electric motor, for a trip to the mountains or a pleasant ride on the road. 

While for exploring the narrowest streets, we also have electric scooters on offer.


BOSCH eBike service

E-bike Zadar is a fully certified Bosch eBike service center and Bosch Premium Partner. This means we can provide support for all your Bosch eBike needs for any make or model of bike, whether you are looking for a software update, diagnostic report, spare parts, warranty or simply a service.


Scooter service

Need a reliable scooter service? We're here to help! We offer a comprehensive scooter servicing, including tire replacement and electronic repairs. Whether it's routine maintenance or troubleshooting, our expert staff will quickly and efficiently ensure that your scooter is in top condition. Refresh your ride and enjoy safe travels with our premium service!

Prijevoz bicikli


Bicycle transport is provided to the rental destination (apartment, hotel, starting point of organized tours, etc.).

In addition to transporting bicycles for rent, it is also possible to order the transport of your bicycles.


Bicycle tours

You rented an eBike, and where now?

We have prepared several bike tours for you with locations you must not miss!

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Resevation by phone 091 569 0969 or info@ebike-zd.com