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The bicycle is suitable for a long tour and sightseeing of nature without fatigue and sweat. Maximum speed of the e-bike is limited by law to 25 km/h, and the longevity of the battery depends on the weight of the driver, uneven terrain, inclines, ambient temperature, the choice of mode of travel ...
The E-bike has the possibility to choose between 4 modes of use: ECO, TOUR, SPORT, TURBO and this allows to ride around 70-100 km with a fully charged battery.

When you not using the bike, and the battery is exposured to the sun, protect the battery with a towel to minimize additional battery heating  and prevent the further decline of the battery capacity.

Technical characteristics:

Standard equipment with bicycles

The bike rental comes with a standard equipment package that can be expanded with additional equipment.

Additional bicycle accessories

Price list

Price in pre and post season
1.1. - 31.5. / 1.10. - 31.12.
43 €
Price for three or more bikes or three or more days
40 €
Price in season
1.6. - 30.9.
48 €
Price for three or more bikes or three or more days
45 €

Cycling paths: